Related Sites

There are many schools and related charities that we work and communicate with in order to support each other. We also have links with many like minded individuals and groups.

We all have shared values and a belief that we can all effect change through our efforts and in order to provide support through fund raising and support for the Musul communities.

The aim of this web site is to raise awareness of Sherston Musul School, new developments, highlights, and progress on the ground through regular updates of blogs from Kenya and through updates of blogs related to fund raising in the UK and related blogs for the other charities that are friends of Sherston Musul.

Links for related web sites are shown below: - Blogs direct from Kenya for other related projects.

Last but by no means least I would like to thank my friends at Aerian Studios for providing the web server and development and design resources. Without this we would be unable to easily let you all know whats happening in Kenya, whats happening with fundraising and also allow our friends in Kenya to update blogs and news direct from Kenya on developments  and also progress in other work in schools and healthcare in and around Musul.

"I would like to extend my thanks to Gordon Liddle, who made this web project possible, and of course the staff and children of both Sherston Primary Schools and of course Sherston Musul Primary School for their will power, hard work and belief in education for all.

We (at aerian studios) were very proud to be associated and involved in doing what we can to help the families in Sherston Musul. I’m also very proud of our team, especially Hannah, who really pulled out all the stops to make this project a reality. As is often the case, companies can be focussed on their commerical aspirations and become separated from day to day issues outside of this bubble, so to be able to give something back, to those who need it most and is something we take very seriously as part of our corporate responsibility"

Paul Goodenough, Managing Director – aerian studios,