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Our work

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Several years ago a group of people from the UK felt they wanted to make a change themselves and provide help and assistance.

Initially started as a private trip by friends of a parent at Sherston School (Sue Daybell) and her friends led by Sandy Foster and her husband who run a charity called I Will Not Complain. The group had visited the same Masaai community on a number of occasions over many years. Sandy used her experiences to support her senior leadership training role while working at EDS.

Debby Liddle joined one of these trips to build water towers for a village community in a remote Maasai community not far from Sherston Musul. On return Sherston School took a more active role in fund raising and maintaining links with the Maasai community. This culminated with the opening of the new School in the UK by Erick Ole Kasana. Several subsequent trips were made to build other projects including a new school building funded by Nimbus.

If your interested in the history of Erick and how he came to co-ordinate grass roots development projects in the area then please click here

This led to another trip organised by Sandy Foster in 2006 to build an additional school block. The trip included Debby and Gordon Liddle (who had lived in Kenya in 79,80 and 81) and Sue Daybell and was funded entirely by their own funds and the kind donation of Gordon's time by his employer MDS Technologies Ltd.

Funds raised by Sherston School fund raising events during the previous year were used to buy building materials in order to provide an additional classroom at Musul. Again, coporate donations were also used through contacts made by Sandy Foster and Gordon's employer MDS Technologies Ltd.

Money continues to be raised through private donations through these individuals, corporate donations (http://www.nimbusconservation.com , http://mds.gb.net, http://www.aerian.com/ ) and help on the ground and also through Sherston Primary school own fund raising projects.

MDS Technologies and In the last 5 years Sherston School, through the efforts of Deputy Head Debby Liddle’s and this volunteer group of like minded individuals has been actively involved in setting up and maintaining links with the Masaai community.

Sherston school has raised funds all directed to several achievements including building and expanding several schools and these water projects. All made a reality through the hard efforts of this group of volunteers. In recent years the efforts have concentrating on building up and developing Musul Sherston school in this remote location in Kenya.

Since 2008 Sherston Musul school has received support from the Kijabe trust and The Sanctuary at Ol-Lentille, a game lodge and wildlife refuge built on Maasai land, the income from which funds community projects.

Each day, many children walk several miles to school, clutching a single piece of firewood, often without shoes through a wild landscape dodging wild animals. Often these children have an empty stomachs and their only food is maize cooked by volunteer members of the community using their firewood as payment for the chance to learn.

Paper is rarely available, news and scrap paper serve as makeshift notebooks and when available pencils are shared among dozens of children.

There is no running water or basic sanitation as understood by developed countries. Rain water, when available is collected off the school roof and is the only available source of water for many miles, if at all during the dry season. Despite all these obstacles the children are determined to escape the poverty cycle but also maintain their traditional life and masaai culture.

The children are determined to make do with whatever resources are available for the chance to learn and perhaps to escape the cycle of poverty often associated with their traditional way of life.

As friends of Sherston Musul school we are asking you to help us provide resources so each child in Sherston Musul has a glimmer of hope and opportunity to preserve their traditions but also enable them to improve their own status and that of their family. Only through education and our support is this possible. By giving you help the Maasai community to give back to its own community and preserve a valuable culture of mankind.

Gill and John Elias, the directors of The Sanctuary in Kenya, have agreed to oversee our projects in Kenya. As our eyes on the ground we are able to get instant news and progress in the field. Gordon is in daily contact with Gill and the team in Kenya.

As a private enterprise Sherston Musul.com is not able to support these projects on its own and needs the help of everyone. Each child and each member of the masaai community we touch is grateful for all the help we can provide them.

Through Gill and John Elias the African Wildlife Foundation has been generous enough to provide a safe connection between their institution and an account created by the Sanctuary to be used for the school projects in the area. Your contributions will provide these extraordinary children with the educational opportunities that until recent years has been missing.

All they want is to create a better life for themselves and their community.

We would be grateful for all your support and this web site will keep you posted all projects and developments that come to fruition through your help.