Fundraising Targets

Please see our achievements and also our targets for 2009 and 2010 in the sublinks on the left.

The main aim of the fundraising is to help the children of Sherston Musul school in Kenya so that they can get the education they deserve without interfering in their own culture.  Part of this effort involves hands on assistance by helping to build classrooms, water towers and other infrastructure.

On the whole the community is perfectly capable now of doing this with local supporters we have on the ground in Musul. What we can do is raise money and help in fundraising so the comunity can achieve small gains in improvement.

This part of Kenya is very remote, very dry and the community largely grow their own food and tend their own cattle in order to raise money to survive. All the teaching staff are volunteer community members. Because of the direct involvement of Sherston School, Sherston and other supporters Sherston Musul School has been designated an official Kenyan school.

This has meant the school now has a government provided headteacher who can locally request funding to help with resources - these being very limited and not easy to come by.

Some of the school improvement relies on the community achieving certain steps in development before the Kenya government education department provide qualified teachers. Even then the schools are largely left to provide their own teaching resources, classrooms, food, water etc. This generally means provision of classrooms, teacher accomodation, kitchens etc.

With the help of thechildren, parents and the community of Sherston and other supporters Sherston Musul is slowly developing into a vibrant school. Since our first visit in 2007 and subsequent August 2009 visit the changes are dramatic. The children are now mostly in uniform and smile. The classrooms you have helped to build have meant that more children attend and are getting the education every child deserves.

Our 2009 achievements have meant water storage, guttering and a new kitchen and food store for the community.