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All Kenyan school children are required to wear a uniform (the price is roughly £8), and receive daily food rations – in Sherston Musuls case this is more often than not boiled Maize.

You will also notice that the children in Sherston Musul may or may not have any uniform. These options are unrealistic as most fo these children's parents can't afford to pay for the children to come to school, let alone affrord to buy uniforms. Part of an on-going effort to help the community help themselves we will be providing the community a manual sewing machine and materials to train some of the community women in making uniforms, repairing clothes and making other items to support the community.

All resources are not consistent in supply. It is one of the main aims of our programme to change this and ensure the pupils get adequate food and supplies.

The third classroom has been built in 2009 through local community funds. This with the water storage, guttering and new kitchen and food store has made 2009 a very special year for Sherston Musul.

Your donations will go toward many other resources and facilities such as staff development, resources for the school, further buildings to attract government teachers, further gutering and water tanks as water is a serios issue in this part of Kenya. During the rains most of the water goes to waste as its not collected and stored.

A fence is also required to protect the children from the wild animals. This is a harsh environement, wild animals like Lions and Elephants are frequently seen around the school looking for water or migrating to other parts of Kenya.

Donations will also be used to supply the school with sufficient teaching supplies such as pencils, notebooks, textbooks, chalk, blackboard paint, etc. Lastly, it is the wish of the community that money will be saved to pay for further teacher training for those interested in becoming a full-time teachers or sponsoring children who leave the school to go to further education of University in Nairobi.