About Sherston Musul School

About Sherston Musul School

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Sherston Musul Primary School is located in the Rift Valley in the province of Laikipia District 50 miles northwest of Mt Kenya and is one of a number of small schools that support a community of 3000 Maasai people. 

Officially registered in 2008, it is housed in two (soon to be three with your donations) buildings provided by the efforts of and donations of friends in the UK.

The third classroom is due to open in 2009 and it will need a door,blackboard and some benches. Its floor and windows will come later

In the last 6 months 3 toilet 'blocks' have been completed and the school now has 2 water tanks, but guttering need repairs to ensure water is captured in the next rains.

Living quarters will also need to be provided for 2 government teachers, and a room to store supplies and books. Future plans are for a small washroom, and to possibly use an existing wooden shack as a kitchen.

There are currently 95  pupils in 3 classes (currently nursery classes are being held in the nearby small church building while work on the third classroom waits completion). The pupils study English, math, Swahili, science and Christian Religious Education. In addition they play games and sport.

At present there is 1 government teacher Mr Joshua Kinyua Kaburu and some local help in the classroom and kitchen. In Kenya, primary education is free, but communities are expected to the build the school and supple the school before a school can be put forward and be recognised for limited funding and government provided teachers. Sherston Musul were recognised in 2008 .

The school is expected to provide uniforms, exercise books, desks, pencils and other resources. The families and pupils of Sherston Musul are pastoralists, making a living from their livestock. Very few can speak Swahili and even fewer speak English. It is unlikely that any of the mothers and a handful perhaps of the fathers have received an education.

With your continued aid and support we believe that Sherston Musul Primary school will  achieve its goal of providing the best primary education for its community.