1. Water tanks for new kitchen block and existing school buildings including new accomodation block.
  2. School resources (ongoing - books, teaching materials).
  3. Pre-School building
  4. Fencing of site to protect children from the local wildlife (elephants, lions etc)
  5. Admin block
  6. Netball nets, balls and sports equipment.
  7. Football kit.
  8. Netball kit.
  9. Childrens uniforms.
  10. Garden area for growing vegetables - 'Shamba' - encourages understanding of growing food and supplements childrens diets.
  11. Solar/Windup radios
  12. Solar/Windup generators
  13. Provision of teacher training to local teachers (Personal development programs for individual volunteer teachers).
  14. Provision of teacher training for teaching literacy to Musul Adult community.