1. Complete Kitchen and Food store. Completed Feb 2010 - being used by school.
  2. Provision of Sewing machine and materials to help womens group make school uniforms and learn new skills to support community. Sewing machine and materials provided April 2010 - supporting a group of 150 Musul women.
  3. Provision of teacher training to local teachers (Personal development programs for individual volunteer teachers)
  4. Provision of teacher training for teaching literacy to Musul community.
  5. Water tanks for new kitchen block and existing school buildings.
  6. Teacher accomodation block - Built Sept 2010 - currently being completed. Expected completion by Nov 2010.
  7. School resources (ongoing - books, teaching materials). 1 box of text books supplied April 2010. Teaching resources supplied in Sept 2010. Sports equipment - Balls, Bats, skipping ropes etc supplied Sept 2010. 3 solar wind up radios supplied to allow the school to connect to educational radio. Sherston sweatshirts, shorts, shirts and 12 dresses supplied.
  8. Pre-School building
  9. Fencing of site to protect children from the local wildlife (elephants, lions etc)
  10. Admin block