Gallery: 2009 visit - Drought

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Sherston Musul School has inadequate water collection and storage facilities. We inspected many projects in the area and also assessed the suitability of the current guttering and water collection in the school.

We found that the guttering would be unable to function when the rains came due to their poor construction and numerous holes etc.

The women on the photos here are what remain of the communities around Musul. Many of the Maasai villages ('Boma') have moved to Mt Kenya because of the 2 year drought. The water tank outside the school has just been filled with emergency water that was tankered in from Nanyuki, 2 hours away, following intervention by Erick. At the time no water was available so it was critical that water was brought in to help the community and children of Sherston Musul School. The last photo in the thumbnails below are staff taking water back to their homes.

Some of Sherston School donations from 2008 & 2009 fundraising will help in improving water storage in the school as well as adding more 6,000 litre water tanks and adding and replacing guttering to all the school roofs to ensure efficient water saving and collection when the rains come.

The community and Erick thank you for your continued support and help.

Ashe Oleng!

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