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New Head Teacher at Sherston Musul

Date: 05/04/2011

Here is a picture of the new Head Teacher Agnes Mosiany at Sherston Musul. She hit the ground running and her focus is on getting more government teachers. She is a super teacher and a super person who knows the community well. This is excellent news for Sherston Musul and its...

March 2011 - All change at Sherston Musul - Fundraising for 2011

Date: 07/03/2011

We have had some great news from Musul. Here is a photo of the completed house - it shows it with laundry drying and windows, doors and roof in place ! Sherston Musul now has a new head called Madam Agnes Mosiany who is working very actively with staff and pupils. Agnes and another teacher...

Shopping online and want to help ?

Date: 01/02/2011

IF YOUR SHOPPING ONLINE, The chances are you can donate money without having to give any yourself - just CLICK ON THE BLUE MOUSE on the home page and follow instructions, CHOOSE 'THE OL LENTILLE TRUST' and that means all money donated goes to Sherston Musul.We have made the decision to join the THE...

LATEST NEWS - Jan 2011

Date: 27/01/2011

Sherston-Musul is continuing.. The sewing machine that was donated at the end of 2009 has been a success and Leah and Margaret(teachers) are in good spirits. Last week Paulina(teacher) got married man and has moved to Mombassa, sad for the school, but he is allowing her to return in April to...

Donate with no money to give

Date: 10/11/2010

Here's a new easy way to raise money for Sherston Musul School through our new partner THE OL LENTILLE TRUST that does not involve parting with extra cash. We have made the decision to join the THE OL LENTILLE TRUST which is a charity based in the Laikipia regions of Kenya where Sherston Musul...

Sherston Musul Teacher Accomodation Build 2010

Date: 22/09/2010

A charity called I Will Not Complain visited Sherston Musul with Mr Liddle (who represented Sherston CE Primary School with this team) in order to build some badly needed teacher accomodation. This was made possible by the 13 individuals who came together and donated money to make this happen. The...

Nkiliriti gets a surprise visit in 2010

Date: 21/09/2010

Mr Liddle visited a small pre-school/primary school thats based in an isolated valley some 10km away from Sherston Musul. Mr & Mrs Liddle visited this school last year. Its staffed by parents of the children. When we visited this school last year most of the children had no shoes and were...

Sherston Musul Kitchen 2010

Date: 20/09/2010

The new kitchen and food store that was built with the help of Sherston CE Primary school donations raised in 2009 and funds from Mr & Mrs Liddle is being used by the very grateful kitchen staff (who are also parents of children at Sherston Musul). Mr Liddle presented the kitchen staff with...

Sherston Musul School 2010

Date: 20/09/2010

The Head, staff and children of Sherston Musul thank all those who donated money and resources at such short notice. Mr Liddle took 30Kg of resources including Sherston sweatshirts, dresses, balls, skipping ropes, 3 solar windup radios, dolls, teaching aids, bats, footballs and Sherston school wall...

Sept 2010 - Off to Kenya

Date: 07/09/2010

Two of the original Sherston team, Sue Daybell and Gordon Liddle have volunteered their time and money to assist the I Will Not Complain Charityin Kenya and we are building accomodation blocks for the teachers. The I Will Not Complain team (A Kenya registered charity, based in the UK) have...