May 2012 Art from Sherston Musul

May 2012 Art from Sherston Musul

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Date: 28/05/2012

The children at Sherston Musul have had an Art day for a Become a Friend day.

This is all to do with the 'Become a Friend' project.

Mrs Liddle has registered Sherston CE Primary School with Become a Friend.

This means that Sherston School is now linked with many UK and Irish schools that are now also helping the schools in Musul and further afield. This also means that you can share your Art projects with the African schools including Musul and Nikilriti and they can share their Art projects with you!

This is still being set-up but you will soon see information and Art work from your school as well as the Art work from the children at Sherston Musul published here.

Mrs Liddle will announce when this is live. Below are some photos from Musul's recent Art day.