Sept 2011 - Sponsor a child

Sept 2011 - Sponsor a child

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Date: 13/09/2011

Mr and Mrs Liddle have sponsored a boy called Leramat who has gone to Sherston Musul since they first visited the small school and built the first classroom.

This has enabled Leramat to have new clothes in the form of a school uniform for the first time. He now has a new shirt, shorts and proper strudy shoes and socks. The help Mr and Mrs Liddle have given will also pay for his schooling for years to come as well as his first small heard of goats.

Mr Liddle met Leramats father Lemiye Ruso for the first time last year. He is 75 ! You can see him on the photo wearing an 'On-Duty' vest donated by Mr Liddle with his young wife Nongota Ruso, Leramat and brother.

The goats will help the entire family. They can sell goats as the herd grows as well as use their milk and meat for food.

Gill our friend at the Ol-Lentille Trust visited Leramat’s home today. They live in a very poor little manyatta (home and cattle enclosure) but all seemed so delightful and so proud of Leramats new goats.

‘I will keep adding money to the bank account whenever I sell one’ said Leramat. We think he really, really will.

Leramat is the smartest boy in school today. Leramat has said he wants to be a doctor.

His Dad said he was third out of 20 pupils last term and quick as a flash Leramat said.'no , third out of 26 pupils'

If you would like to sponsor a child in Musul like Mr and Mrs Liddle please contact them through the Sherston School. They will be happy to help you get in contact with Gill to organise any sponsorship whether one off or long term. This does not have to be for a large amount, a few hundred pounds per year can help a child through schooling, or buy them a few goats to help their entire family which will lift the burden of the family and allow the children to go to school.